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Eldorado Droneport

At Boulder City, NV

Eldorado Droneport

The Eldorado Droneport is a 50-acre, master planned public facility. The main terminal building and surrounding buildable pads will be home to many different companies interested in the advancement in design and use of UAS. This joint development project between the City of Boulder City and Base 11, will include a 15,000 square foot terminal building as well as “build-to-suit” opportunities with additional structures totaling 860,000 square feet of R&D, warehousing, hangar, office, and training facilities.

The anchor tenant and joint development partner, Base 11, will provide training services including repair, flight, and “practical aspects” (uses) of UAS. For more information about the Base 11, go to

The Eldorado Droneport can support civil entities with Section 333s and special airworthiness certificates, commercially and recreationally.


The Eldorado Droneport Featured In the Media...

Plans for Eldorado Droneport unveiled
Base 11 is creating the commercial droneport along with a teaching facility at the Boulder City site.

“We want to be the main area for drone technology,” said Base 11 Chief Financial Officer John Beneventi. “Millions of people use drones every day for recreational and professional purposes and we need to put the puzzle pieces into place to bring them together.” Read more...


is a Droneport?

The Eldorado Droneport is like Spaceport for UAS...

A droneport is a facility whose physical design characteristics, visual aids, navigation aids, and infrastructure are created to support safe and effective unmanned aircraft systems operations in and out of densely populated urban areas as well as to and from rural areas. Unlike other planned droneport projects previously announced, the Eldorado Droneport has already broken ground, is fully funded, permanent in nature and currently operational seven days a week.


is the Droneport?

The 50-acre Eldorado Droneport is located approximately 28 miles from the Las Vegas Strip in Boulder City, NV; one of only six FAA-designated UAS test sites in the country.

Things To Do...

Mission types at the Eldorado Droneport.

Research and Development

Take a test run of a drone.

Education and Training

Learn the craft of piloting unmanned drones.

SAC-EA/Section 333 flights

Part 107/ SAC-EA/Section 333S

Drone Racing

Recreational racing against peers.

Drone Rodeo 2017 from Atlanta Drone Group on Vimeo.

Operations at the Droneport

The Eldorado Droneport formally filed notice of construction on 11 December, 2015.

While the FAA is reviewing this proposal, activities at the Droneport are limited to “intermittent use” by Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 157.

Intermittent use means the use of the site for no more than 3 days in any one week and for no more than 10 operations per day and at which flight operations will be conducted only under VFR.

These limitations remain in effect for all of 2016, until the airport construction is approved. Recreational and hobby flights are unaffected, and are welcomed at all phases of this process.


What do I need to fly?

  • Registration. Either a Part 47 N-Number for civil/ public or Part 48 sUAS Registration Number.
  • Approval. Either a Remote Pilot Certificate under Part 107, an approved Section 333, an approved Special Airworthiness Certificate-Experimental (SAC-EA), an approved Public COA or an active membership in a model aircraft community (e.g., Academy of Model Aeronautics).
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What People Say?

This is an exciting day for the City of Boulder City and the State of Nevada, to be the site of and partner with Base 11 on the world’s first commercial droneport.

Brok Armantrout Director, Community Development, Boulder City, Nevada
Base 11

What is Base 11?

Base 11 is a non-profit, 501c3 workforce and entrepreneur development company.

The Base 11 is a joint development partner, with the City of Boulder City, Nevada, responsible for the build out and management of the Eldorado Droneport.

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